Four Seasons Sunrooms


Have been in business since 1975 and is the largest sunroom supplier worldwide. Four Seasons is the industry leader in sunroom technology. They offer a variety of different styles to match various price ranges. Whether you are looking for a small room to serve as a dining room or a larger room to serve as a living and dining space, they can do it all. All products come with a 20 year transferable warranty.


The conserva glass that is used in the sunrooms feature stay clean technology and heat reflective glass that will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.



Phantom supplies CJ Enterprises with their line of retractable screens. They can fit seamlessly into any home decor. Unlike typical storm doors these do not take up any extra room for the inswing/ outswing they simply roll  into the housing unit. This will also protect the screen from the Newfoundland weather and you do not have to worry about the wind taking the door off the hinges.


Got a garage door or an overhang, Phantom even has screens that would fit there also. The door housing is available in different colors  to match your home and they also have a variety of different screens that are ideal for any situation. Phantom offers a lifetime limited warranty on their screening products



Supplier of retractable heavy duty awnings (Pergotenda) & (Sail awnings) & also retractable window wall systems. Also suppliers of high end patio furniture.

DEC-TEC (PVC Deck Covering)


Dec-Tec supplies CJ Enterprises with their PVC Deck Covering. This type of covering has been most often used on condos and other high rise building in Ontario and has been recently introduced into Newfoundland by CJ Enterprises. It is completely waterproof and will prevent the deck beneath from rotting.  CJ Enterprises has been supplying this product for the last 6 years and it comes with a 10 Year warranty.


With this product you will never have to paint your deck again. It also will create a storage space underneath the deck. It comes in 4 different colors that once applied will give the look of a stone walkway.



CJ Enterprises carries a line of retractable awnings that will give you many years of use. Our awnings come with an acrylic fabric that is completely mould and mildew resistant. Awnings will block out 98% of the suns harmful UV rays. There are hundreds of fabric colors to choose from.  The awnings come in a variety of models and sizes to fit even the smallest of spaces.


MacDonald awning uses quality engineered German components in their awnings. MacDonald Awnings offers a 5 year warranty on their awnings.



These patio covers allow you to enjoy the sun’s natural light but yet protect your family and furniture from the suns harmful rays. This will reduce the amount of heat that can build up on your patio or deck while adding real beauty and value to your property. With Natural Light Patio Covers you not only have the option of creating a patio cover but also a full room. These rooms are ideal for  a patio enclosure to help you enjoy your hot tub or your next BBQ party no matter what mother nature throws at you.


Got something else in mind? Maybe a car port? Well Natural Light Patio Covers are completely customizable to fit whatever you had in mind. All patio covers come with a 15 year warranty so it is sure to last.



Supplier of garage door screen solutions. (Man Cave Approved)
This screen is available in widths of 6' -18' and heights of 7' - 10'. You can also add a retractable screen for easier access. 

These screens come with standard fibreglass screen and are available in White, Brown, and Sandstone. 



Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd. is a prominent supplier of specialty sunrooms, railing, patio cover, waterproof decking and shade products to the Canadian market.